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The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, “Anyone who builds a Masjid for the pleasure of Allah, Allah will build him or her, a house in paradise.”

(Bukhari & Muslim)



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Dear Respected Brother/Sister in Islam




Markazi Masjid Northampton, a registered charity, was established in June 2001 to serve the needs of the local Muslim community then estimated to be approx 6000.  As the Muslim population in the area has grown to almost double this amount, the Masjid needs to be expanded to cater for this growing need.


To overcome this problem, by the grace of Almighty Allah Markazi masjidNorthampton has embarked on a project to develop more facilities, including:



Work started in July 2007.  Unfortunately the work stopped midway in March 2008 due to the poor quality of work, planning and fire safety issues.  All matters have since then has been addressed.   We have also retrospectively obtained planning consent and building regulations approval.  A Muslim brother who is a senior quantity surveyor is overseeing all building work to ensure it is compliant with building regulations.


Cost of all development work will be £305,000 excluding carpets and underlay.


Work will be carried out in stages:



Total cost for stage 2, 3 and 4 is in the region of £300,000.  To start on the 2nd phase of the new roof we need £60,000.  We have nearly secured this amount.  We need a further £240,000 to complete all the work outstanding.  As you are aware our children’s classes is suffering.  Similarly classes for adult males and females are also at a stop due to the renovation work. The sooner we complete the work the sooner we can re-open the classes.


Dear Brothers and sisters, this important work cannot be completed without your help.  Please give Lillah or Qarz Hasana and earn yourself a place in paradise Insha Allah.



Mosque History…


Muslims in Abington were using the local Community Centre as a mosque, but this was proving to be far too small for the rapidly growing Muslim population of Northampton. Although places for prayers did exist, they were hugely inadequate. It was becoming clear very quickly that a fit for purpose mosque was needed to be able to serve the needs of the Muslim Community.  In 1998 the residents of the Borough started looking for a suitable plot to house the Mosque.  By October 2000 it was unanimously agreed to purchase a large building with a car park for this purpose. This would be used for congregational prayers initially, with the intention of extending it to include other facilities in due course.  In February 2001 planning permission was sought and the appeal for funds began to secure premises and to commence work.


The generosity of local Muslim Brothers and Sisters helped in raising the initial amount of £100,000.  We also managed to secure Q.H (Qarz-e-Hasnat) of £200,000.  The premises, was purchased in June 2001 and after minor work was being used for prayers.  Mosque and Madrassa was opened in September 2001.

Qarz-e-Hasna (Temporary Loan)


Money paid pack – schedule:


2002 - £56,000

2003 - £77,500

2004 - £60,000

2005 - £52,000

2006 - £26,000


More money was borrowed to update building and erect boundary wall, two gates and a metal railing, etc.  The next exciting phase is the extension of services for which we are looking to you for your help Insha Allah.


Please give generously to renovate your mosque and Madrassa complete.






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Regular Donations

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Account Name: Markazi Masjid Northampton


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